1. How Many Lands of the World Have You Trodden Down?
Every place that the sole of your FOOT shall tread upon, that have I given unto you” [Joshua 1:3]. How many lands of the earth have you, your nationals, your people group and at least your Church already trodden down doing world missions of our Lord Jesus Christ? See Roams 10:15 “How beautiful are the FEET of them that PREACH the GOSPEL of Peace!“. Tread upon every land of the earth by you and your national group. Right?
2. Changing World: Technology or God?
You may think, the world is changing by modern technological revolution. NEVER! God only is Creator and Changer of the world and EVERYTHING, not the human technology: see John 1:3 “Without him [God] was not any thing made that was made.
Before the scientific revolution in the period between 1543-1600 AD, the world missions have mostly done and rooted in the Europe in the period between AD 30 to till the Protestant Reformation by Martin Luther [1517-1648], that Europe is the center of world science and machinery revolution since the Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached by Apostle Paul since the first century A.D. You can check it at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Christian_missions
Egypt was more modernized since B.C 1700s but it was only AFTER the believer family of God settled in Egypt, who were Joseph and his parent, Jacob [see Gen. 39-50] and Moses – a chosen man of God [Exod. 1&2].
Why USA and English people were more blessed, more honored and known by the whole world in every sector [English language, Power, technologies, etc] as world leader or world guider are because they have led world Christ’s missions worldwide than any other peoples and nations on earth. They have killed and died for Christ doing world missions of Jesus Christ more than any other people groups and nations of the world. Till today, the most missionaries leading world Christian mission by numbers are USA first [over 40,000]; UK [over 13,000], Germany [over 7,000] and even South Korea [over 22,000!].
3. Choice and World Competition: The First or The Last?
What God promised to those who [nationals, people group and nations, at least Church] served Him: “For them that honour me I will honour” [1 Sam. 2:30]. “But MANY that are FIRST shall be the LAST; and the LAST shall be the FIRST” [Matt.19:30].
Do your people group [national or nation] need to be the FIRST Forever before all nations? The choice is ours! Be the missionary people group of God who is King of kings and Lord of lords so your people group [national or nation] will be leader of world leaders in every areas of the world such as military, economy, politics, social, etc and in all.

Please extend your blessed mission also to my poorest people land, Rengcaa land. Thank you very much.


In His services.


If Jesus Christ may come back as the first incarnation, I see:

1. In Israel, Jesus Christ will be killed again because Jews will not see Him as their political powerful Messiah.

2. Among Pentecostal and Charismatic churches, they will firstly welcome Him as their only One Master but later they [may not be all] will see Him as their Satan after Jesus Christ encouraged them not to emphasize more on many miracles, casting of demons and healing business EXCEPT His WORD – “It is written again, thou salt not tempt the Lord thy God.” [Matt.4:7].

3. Among other Evangelical churches: they [may not be all] will ran away one after one from following Him because they will said, no more FREEDOM of theirs because of Him and because of His judging teachings: “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” [Rev. 3:16]

4. Among other Old Testament and Church doctrines-based churches, they [may not be all] will said let us test and check Him for many years or some limited years with our own Bible beliefs for whether He is real Bible beliefs-keeper of ours and they will against Him sooner or later after Jesus Christ said to them: “But woe unto you,… hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against me: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in” [Matt.23:13]. “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” [Matt.9:37]. And after Jesus Christ asked them; how many lost souls [sheaves] have you brought for me as a real witness of Me? [Ps.126:6].

5. Among nominal Christians, they will gladly follow Him first for free food from Him and for some chances they may get from, etc but they ALL will ran away after Jesus said: “Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his CROSS, and follow me.” [Mark 8:34].

6. Among Roman Catholics and Orthodox churches, they will said, Jesus Christ MUST be under our Church authorities. If not, they will recognize Him too as a Protestant [who against them].

7. Among Non-Christians, as today, they will see Him as not total concerned with them.

During Flood of Noe Age, only 8 persons were saved from among the million of the then world population. Jesus Christ said, “But as in the days of Noe were, so shall also be the coming of the Son of man be.” [Matt. 24:37]. Today world population is over 7 billion. I hope, only 8% of billion of world population will be saved or entered into Heaven.

This article is exerted  from my written book in Burmese:The Global Peoples Who are More Relevant to the Heart of God“[Research Book]


Our vision is to be part of the great harvest, to be a witness of Jesus Christ to every unreached tribe in Myanmar, through the equipping and releasing of leaders to the 7 mountains.


Our mission is to connect and equip with the simplicity, fullness and power of the Gospel:

  • ​To educate and impart to every disciple of Christ to hear the Shepherd’s voice
  • To increase the equipping and release of high-impact, radical missionaries
  • Plant churches, schools and businesses to prepare for the great Harvest
  • Justice for the enslaved
    • Persecuted church
    • Stop Human Trafficking
    • Care and Counselling as Peace Ambassadors
  • Humanitarian and transformation of communities
  • Disaster relief
  • Orphans and widows
  • Clean water
  • Schools
  • Medical Clinics
  • Train and Deploy ​
  • Short, mid and long term missions teams

May I explain you concerning how my unpaid long-term volunteer missionary family for over 29 years [for 2017] could deadly survive day by day till today.The ways my family gains some income are mainly through book translations. For others either, I sometimes translate some books and papers into Burmese from English and into English from Burmese with payment, etc. But this job is not regularly, conditionally. Tithes from my small Church in Yangon is equivalent to just only around the US $ 150 for one year. Most of our budgets are not by the currency and we just only valued as the currency upon the donated resources such as clothes, books, local products, chickens, and mostly foods – donated by the peoples of God from far and near and some are donated even by the Buddhists to whom I ever supported some little items for their families and to whom I taught the English languages for their children, etc. The Buddhist families respected me as their teacher and so they gave me some needs when my family suffered in needs. They indirectly support me when they do not want to see the saints are suffering. Some Buddhist families who gave some helps are the families whose children also are attending my weekly Sunday School teaching class and who yearly participated in our Church festivals – such as Christmas and New Year, etc. Giving money is very less and mostly is giving the items as I told above. Sometimes, God’s grace is wonderfully come to my suffering missionary family by these unexpected ways! – “ALL THINGS work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” [Romans 8:28].

If I worked only for a business without committing in the Lord’s service since 1990 – in the year I have finished my State High School, I have now been a Great business BOSS! But… I love the Lord who gave me His eternal life than all other things in the world. However, it is I thought that the Christian  brotherhood in the world should help and support one another for world unreached mission movement – as His brethren in His ONE Body so that the Great Commission commanded by God Himself will be more successful than people-based making riches. Elijah who also was jobless like me and was thought only for the work of the Lord was fed even by ravens -the animal and a widow [1 Kgs. 17:4-16]! There are many ravens in your Christian countries, but in Myanmar, even the ravens also are very scarce!

A monthly expenses of my family is $400. But actually, my family income is just around $100. My family need $400 for my monthly expenses. In these general expenses, transportation, medical care, children snack and some love gifts for the Sunday School children are altogether included. This expense is estimated as of the 1350 Kyats for one U.S dollar exchange rate of the current time.

This amount of monthly expenses of my family is calculated in GENERAL, and mostly is down. When I generally earned of the equivalent of $120 for one month, the monthly expenses of my family are over $350. May I request you to compare it with other pastors in the world. In these expenses, other items such as clothes, tea and coffee drinks, transportation such as mission outreach outside Yangon and to other mission field, etc, meals for some guests [that we cannot know exactly in numbers] and official expenses are not included. This expense is more perfectly estimated in less. If to serve the Lord conveniently, as a President family of the New Covenant Fellowship of Myanmar [NCFM] and of Non-Denominational Myanmar Mission [NDMM], my family’s monthly expenses [or salary] should be more than this current expenditure. When my family does the ministries in Myanmar with poverty in the very care of expenditure or frugality, my family is mentally and physically and then even to spiritually very discouraged and it makes me lessen our energies to be more a successful ministry. As I sent to you a report of my 100% unpaid long term volunteer missionary even for over 21 years [1990 – 2011], my mission was not successful fully as I wanted and envisioned. I am very sorry for it and also for lack of money I had. If we might be adopted and supported by some richer Christian organizations and Churches or even one blessed business boss man, I dare say, my unreached mission in Myanmar will be over 10 times successful than this current statistic [1990 -2011]. I do praise the Lord for God who give me such kind of the wonderful Christian Brothers and Sisters. To God be the glory forever more!

Indeed, I am so sorry even to tell you about our difficulties. The main is house rental [or to have one home] for the services of Jesus Christ. Yearly renting houses from places to places [till today] for worship services and for office work is only by myself. Actually, my family is so afraid concerning how to resolve this absolute difficulty. In every time of my life basis: eating, siting, bathing and in every going and sleeping etc, this next house rental is a great thought and it makes me very serious. Sometimes, moral is down. But when I looked back, I knew and remembered how God fed and took care of my missionary family like the Israelite people in the Exodus and always and once again and again, my family is refreshed and encouraged to survive for the Lord – especially among the Buddhists who always look the Christians for whether the Christians are blessed or not by God who is a giver of life and of prosperity on earth, etc. Indeed, to live among the Buddhists with poverty really hinder us to penetrate to them with the Gospel messages.

Sometimes, I would like to go away where there is no any communities so that we can forget such of the environmental limits. Please continue help my family for the sake of the spreading of the WORD of God here in a strong Buddhist land. I do request you to remember my suffering family in your thoughts and your prayers. God bless you and your godly family more powerfully and more abundantly. I believe, God will not forsake my family till my family is faithfully serving and working for HIM alone. However, I need your prayer support and any kind of help – if possible. I am always ready to go and do God’s ministry in the difficult areas in Myanmar on behalf of you – where you cannot go for Christ. One drop of rain in a wilderness is more worthy than much rains in the raining lands.

I am now working a part-time works at some markets for my family income. But it cannot fulfill my family’s living. Job is very scarce [limited] especially for the Christians in Myanmar. Actually, I do not want to work outside, but survival of my family is essential and no choice. Although I should give all of my times and life to the ministry [outside work out of home takes away more of my ministry works], but I had no choice. If my family is with regular salary like other Christian leaders in Myanmar, how much I can serve much more for the LORD with all my beings and with all my heat and strengths! I do not get any regular foreign support. I need other family support so that my family can fully commit in the Lord’s services.

Because of being a poor Christian pastor, the difficulties and obstacles also are automatically follow inwardly and outwardly from both Myanmar inland.

We the believers in Myanmar are as walking between many tigers. In Myanmar, Muslims can rule some main areas of sections such as business and social because of their wealth. However for the poorest  believers in Myanmar, no place, no chance and no power. Please pardon for the believers in Myanmar who are the least. We have a burning fire for our visions. We had the practical strategies and methods. But we have nothing makes us weak and blind to walk for our visions.

Let me share how my family saved the love-offerings for the LORD: Last times, if my family had five times of tea/coffee and breads and two times of meat curry during a week, but for 2013, we reduced half [50%] from our expenses so that half reduced money may be remained or saved for the mission funds in our Mission Relief Box [MRB] we kept. Besides, the expenses, which remained because of that for we could not take some Breakfasts and Dinners because of our Fasting and Prayers etc, in accordance with its equivalent values of the expenditures, also were saved in currency and put in our Mission Relief Box [Quaker Quick Cooking Oatmeal empty-Box]. Shopping and buying of not important things such as clothes, goods, etc also were reduced [or cancelled] to save our expenses to save our suffering fellow brothers and sisters. The 99% of goods in my family are second hand clothes and cheaper things FOR THE LORD, but very beautiful! My family has no more clothes. For me is just only 10 clothes in total, enough. Please help pray for my family. Thank you very much.

God bless you for understanding my difficult missionary life.

According to the 2012 Report of Asia Development Bank [ADB], the poverty in Myanmar are the 25.6% of the 60 millions of the Myanmar population; of these, the poorest State in Myanmar is Chin State, even 73.3% and of these poorest population in Chin State, my Rengcaa ethnic people who live in Paletwa township [Southern Chin State] and the Northern Rakhine State is the poorest and the worst, even under poverty – even 70%.

Please have the first priority to help pray and support in any thing God intend you to do for my Rengcaa people who are the forgotten ethnic group in Myanmar.

Rengcaa Literature & Culture Organization is founded by Roger Than Maung on June 25, 2005. The poor cannot help the poor. Please help for my RKLCO so my poorest Rengcaa can even know the love of God and the love of the outside world.

1. The Executive committee of RKLCO [2014-2018]

  1. Pastor Ang Kaung: Chairman
  2. Pastor Lian Thang: Vice-Chairman
  3. Rev. Sung Thein: Secretary
  4. Pastor Woi Tang: Assistant Secretary
  5. Rev. Ka Bang: Treasurer
  6. Rev. Khe Hai: Auditor [1]
  7. Mr. Maung Kyaw: Auditor [2]
  8. Roger Than Maung: Patron
  9. Members: Rev. Boi Cung, Paik Tang, Thui Luh, Taung Khoek, Ram Thang, Thang Khoe, Mang Khoeng, Paing Sang, Sung Hai, Naung Hai.

2. Sub- Committees

  1. Bible Translation Committee
  2. Christian Hymn Book Committee
  3. Rengcaa History Committee
  4. Primary Guide Book Committee
  5. Fundraising Committee
  6. Rengcaa Cultural Committee
In Jesus’ Name,
  • Roger Than Maung
  • Founder & Patron
  • Rengcaa Khumi Literature & Culture Organization
  • Yangon, Myanmar
1. Sponsor Missionary Students Project
Please support missionary students who are schooling in some mission Schools. After they finished their mission studies, they will be sent out to plant churches in the remote areas. Its scholarship is $15 for one missionary student.

2. Sponsor Missionaries Project

Please support missionaries in the unreached areas. Its costs $100 for per missionary. $30 should be sponsored for each schooling children of theirs.

3. Orphans and Widows Project
We are looking after the orphans and widows according to James 1:27. Sponsor a child and a widow is $30 each for per month.

4. Church Planting Project
You can help to build a church in the mission fields. In small village of Myanmar, $3,000 – $4000 can build a church. In larger village is $5000 – $6000. We have many pastors who are praying for the provision to come in so that they will have a building in which to meet. Help us plant churches where there are no churches for worship and praising God.

5. Humanitarian Needs
Partner with us to bring community development and transformation of lives where we operate the Great Commission in this time of need. We should  help connect medicines and nutritional food, educational resources, hygiene training and more. Share your love and compassion to help the least of these. For one sewing machine is $70 and for one solar light is $45; one motor-cycle is $500 and a vehicle for headquarters office use is $ 20,000 – $30,000.

6. Student Boarding Houses Project

You can help to build student boarding houses in some mission fields. $4000- $5000 can build one student boarding house. Sponsor one student is monthly $30 and $270 for one academic year.

7. Headquarters Building Project

We are praying since 2001 to build or to buy one land and one building for mission headquarters in Yangon. Its cots between $200,000 and $1 million.

8. Bible Seminars Project
There are places and many people who are dying for the faith and do not have time to study Biblical degrees. They need to be empowered and released. We offer you an opportunity to sow into this important project. Its costs $100 for each traveling expense and daily expense for food during seminar is $4.

Serving together for Christ!


1. About New Covenant Fellowship of Myanmar 

New Covenant Fellowship of Myanmar is started since 1988 with Christian literature ministry before and later it organized as an association on March 23. 1990. NCF is an Non-denominational and non-profit full-time mission organization. We are volunteers. We are called to equip the underprivileged persons in becoming rooted, grounded and established in the Word of God by teaching and giving trainings them to give the Truth first place in their lives.

New Covenant Fellowship of Myanmar is a combined fellowship services of all people: Messianic believers, other Christian believers from every denomination and even other faiths!

Our weekly services are  on every Sunday [Morning and Night] and every Saturday evening. All are welcome in our ONE Messiah, Jesus Christ! 

Motto of New Covenant Fellowship: “One In Christ” -“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus” [Galatians 3:28].

NCF is enthusiastically making known of our Lord Jesus Christ to every people who never know who and what Jesus Christ and Truth [not True] really and truly is – as making disciples of Jesus Christ; reaching the unreached: preaching and teaching the Word of Jesus Christ.

NCF is independent and Non-denominational. NCF is doing the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ – ON BEHALF OF YOU!

Serving together!

2. The Vision

As we proclaim Jesus, the Christ, our goal is to make the unreached peoples know who Jesus Christ the Savior of the world and to make disciples of Jesus Christ where there is NO churches, with simplicity and understanding. We want to be one drop of rain in wilderness instead of MUCH rains in the heavily raining lands. The vision is being accomplished through the local Churches, personal mission outreach, mission trainings, Bible literature and some charity helps.
3. Our Purposes
1. To reach the unreached
2. To equip the believers of Jesus Christ to win to Christ where the Word of God is a great demand.
3. To plant new churches
4. To fulfill the Great Commission by proving Bibles, Bible literature and other form of aid such as CDs and VCDs
5. To give relief to those who are in the different victims.
6. To establish the uniting body of Jesus Christ through rich and varied mission partnerships
7. To bring helps and hopes to communities in need
NCFM has established several dynamic missions designed to train, encourage and support the unreached peoples through projects geared toward their spiritual and social developments. Services include:
1. Individual Mission: face to face mission outreaches
2. Trainings Aid: Non-profit
3. Free Gospel Literature Distribution: booklets and tracts
4. Feed The Children
4. Mission Plans
A. One year programs for 2017
1. To conduct only one 7 days Leadership Conference for the local leaders – the pastors, missionaries, evangelists, deacons and Church workers. This Leadership Conference is to be conducted in mission field or in Yangon Headquarters once and for all.
2. To go Stateside Assignment by the President of the NCFM; which is compulsory.
3. To do the first 50 days Discipleship Training in Yangon to produce trainers for trainings program for the local churches. This vital program is programmed to start in November – December of the year.
B. Third 10 Years Mission Project of the following Building Up Period/Decade [2011-2021]
  1. To produce 50 volunteer missionaries and new coworkers.
  2. To win at least 300 new disciples/new believers to Christ
  3. To extend mission fields and partnership in mission into the following ethnic groups in Myanmar- such as Mro Khumi Chin and Na-nga mission fields
  4. To build our churches with wood
  5. To conduct leadership seminars
  6. To provide the official needs for headquarters: Yangon and Khumi Land
  7.  To provide the following basic needs for missions:
  8. 1. To buy or build one Headquarters Building
    2. Mission Training School
    3. Student boarding houses amongst very poor mission fields
    4. Orphanage house
    5. Medical Center
    6. Development and vocational trainings
    7. One Printing Press and Publication
5. Our Staff
  1. Roger Than Maung : President
  2. Mrs. Grace Eht Lowm : Secretary & Treasurer
  3. David Lian Thang : Member & Field Director of Rengcaa land
  4. Matushalah : Member
  5. Ka Yawk : Member
  6. Tha Loen: Member
  7. Mrs. Am Tau: Member

Our annual financial report is yearly taken on December 31st. Our local mission income and expenditure do not come directly to Yangon headquarters because local churches’ funds are to be used by themselves in the ministries and missions of the local churches – it is in accordance with our localism. Most of our budgets are not by the currency and we just valued as the currency upon the donated resources of at low-cost – such as clothes, books, local products and chickens, hen’s eggs and other animals, etc. NCFM is supported by independently self-help.